our story

A brief history of Outdoor-Freaks: A little hair raiser – or: what can we do it better?
story by Tom Kaules:

“The idea for Outdoor-Freaks started back in may 1998 With some alpine sport loving and experienced friends my spouse and I went to Austria to enjoy an exciting day at a canyoning event. Well at least that's what we were hoping for…
But what we saw there was everything but an amazing experience. The wetsuits we got there weren't only very thin, some were even worn through or ripped, but to make the matters worse, smelled like urine… As we had travelled a long way to get there, we made the best of it and didn't let it damp our spirits. Even as we went into the ice cold water of the river and it came floating through all the holes in the wetsuits.
We thought that it couldn't get worse, but we had to learn it could …
As we came to the first rappelling location, we had all been looking forward to be able to rappel by ourselves – not a bit of it! They tied us to a rope and let us lowered us, wouldn't let us do it by ourselves at all.
But the real kicker was yet to come when they made us sit and slide down bumpy waterfalls („so we can't hurt ourselves” as they put it) – you can imagine how sore our tail bones were after that!
After that tour we cussed about the wasted day, but thought canyoning itself could be a cool thing – given different circumstances. It would just have to carried out in a different way. But by whom?
So we decided to study canyoning and two years and many many tours later some of us finally became certified canyoning guides with the European Canyoning-Commission (CEC became CIC later).

So in 2001 we finally set up „Outdoor-Freaks“.

OK, so far so good. But what do we do better?

  • For all our events we comply to highest safety standards.
  • The responsible guide for every event will always have an official qualification of an international association.
  • Just ask you guide and let him show you his licence before the tour starts.
  • We replace our equipment e.g. premium-quality wet suits (6.5mm super-soft and warm) every year.
  • We always teach you the basics first – you will do an intensive rappelling training before every tour so you can enjoy the full experience in the gulches.
  • All the items on the programme are built methodically and pedagogically.
  • We offer a special and unique Programme you won't be able to find anywhere else in Germany.
  • You will benefit from out highly specialized guides and instructors, their international success and even world records. Ask your guides, and they will happily talk out of school. Each of them has amazing stories to tell.”