Paragliding Tandem

Imagine parking your car at a beautiful upland vantage point on a sparkling spring day. You open the boot and don flying suit and boots, then lift out your incredibly light flying machine in its carrying rucksack and trek off a few yards to where your friends are preparing to fly. After a few minutes spent inspecting your equipment you don helmet and harness, look around, allow the wind to raise the canopy - and launch off into space. This is paragliding!

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Come visit us at one of our beautiful flying hills. After an intensive briefing by one of our certified tandem pilots. After some run-up steps, you will lift off into the heavans. Silently you will glide above meadows and forests down to the valley and then touch down softly on lush meadows. Enjoy this overwhelming feeling of almost-zero gravity. A feeling you will never forget... The worst thing that could actually happen is that you like it. Because then you'll become addicted!

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