"We save ourselves by going one step after the other. Then we take another step.
It's always the same step but we have to take it." ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Antoine de Saint-Exupèry

You want to try an extreme sport, being very close to nature?
Then canyoning is exactly the right thing for you...
You become one with nature, blend in completely.

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The tour
You start in the bed of a small streamlet which runs slowly and gurgles harmlessly. You walk along that tiny creek with others, enjoying nature - watching birds, marveling at massive scarps that grow to your left and right and you notice how the small creek turns into a rapid stream...Then it goes down, you're swimming through white water rapids, go down natural water slides, rappel down raging waterfalls, jump down into crystal-clear basins... - Of course safely guided by our canyoning guides. Here you can use what you learned at "basic" for yourself and the group.
An amazing adventure, that requires total commitment from each individual and the team spirit of the whole group.
(You can also read about this in our history at "the freaks".)

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