Airboard Basic

You will receive an introduction into the steering techniques with the airboard (TÜV-approved) by an airboard instructor of the Worldcup-Speed-Team. Then you go uphill on your hightech sled. No matter if it's a t-bar or a chair lift, uphill we go. Now it's getting serious: your instructor will supervise you on different sections and help you optimize your steering techniques while you slide downwards with high speed.

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The airboard is 100% controllable all the time and as a result absolutely peerless as an inflatable sled. You steer it by shifting your weight and decelerate by simply steering transversely to the slope. You could compare the handling to steering a carving ski. At the end of this course you will be able to go down a slope safely.

By the way, at speed races on specially prepared pistes out team can reach a velocity of more than 80 mph!

Press commentaries: "...airboarding is fast paced and action-packed." (Mobile-Men-Magazine Jan/Feb 2005);
"... gives you the same feeling on snow like at boogie-boarding on the water." (Sport Magazine Jan 2005)

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