gift certificates

Giving a gift certificate = giving a wonderful experience

Ever considered giving something that will never go down in vlaue? - give an experience!

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You can buy gift certifictates for all events  offered on this website. The vouchers a re valid for twelve months and you can pick any date to redeem the voucher within those twelve months or transfer them to somebody else. Just let uns know.

We will ship all vuchers right after we recieved payment, as rule on the same day. The shipping costs are EUR 3,-.

How do I order a gift certificate (3 steps)?

  1. You choose an event at our shop.
  2. We´ll send you a confirmation by E-mail, in which you will find our account details. Please transfer the amount invoiced.
  3. Right after reciept of payment we will ship you the gift certificate and information material by mail.

Is there anything I have to consider before ordering the gift certificate?

  • Please bear in mind, that for some events there are certain requirements. For example to book advanced classes you need to have complete d basc classes. You can find the requirements in the descriptions to respective events or if you click the link "fees".
  • Please ask us about options for participation for elderly or disabled people.

Redeem your gift certificate

To redeem the voucher please click here to go to the online-form.

If you can´t open the document please contact us.

After you sent us the online-form you will get a reply with either the booking confirmation or, ift the event should already be fully booked an alternative date within the next 24 hours.

The booking confirmation will include all necessary information like further details about the event, directions, etc..

To reconfirm the event, please call 2-4 days before the event!

Only then it is highly likely we can tell you if the event can be carried out or not (e.g. due weather conditions).

For all further questions please feel free to contact us.