The invention of the latest Swiss piece of sports equipment – the airboard – too more than a decade.
This high tech air bed will give you the same fun on snow like the US trendsetters have using their boogie boards on the water.

Our airboard program:

airboard schnupperkurs 02 Airboard
  airboard grundkurs 04 Airboard

airboard speed 04 Airboard
  airboard freestyle 04 Airboard

The airboard is fast: you're lying prone, head (helmet) first on the airboard and will take every curve like you were flying. The finned-profile at the base allows you to actively steer the airboard by simply shifting your weight. Being so close to the ground intensifies the thrill of speed. You slow down by simply steering transversely to the slope.

The airboard is safe: The board is made of heavy-duty soft materials, so the risk of injuries in case of spills or collisions is minimized. It acts as an airbag in case of collisions and cushions bumpy slopes.

The airboard is spectacular: Fast rides on hard slopes as well as on deep powder snow are a spectacular to watch and fun for the pilot: Thanks to the air bed you'll be optimally cushioned. Freestyle on airboard: It's probably going to find it's way to the half-pipe soon!

The airboard was developed by Joe Steiner. He worked on it for ten years, tried it at every stage and didn't stop until the airboard was developed to his standards according to safety and riding comfort. The airboard deflates to a small, lightweight backpack. In addition to that it's great to sit or lie on in the snow. All details of the airboard are internationally patented, with copyright on future models.