... is always first with us!

cicWe only use UIAA, DIN, CE or EN standardized equipment, which is particularly approved for the respective sport.
All activities with Outdoor Freaks will be supervised by highly qualified canyoning guides of the Commission Internationale de Canyon (CIC) - formerly known as: Commission Européenne de Canyon - (CEC). The intensive international training with CIC as well as our strict guidelines will guarantee for your safety. There will never be a compromise with us if it's about your safety!

You will always be supervised by professionally trained personnel (CEC/ CIC-canyoning guides, tandem master and parachute jumping instructors with DFV). Our team has to meet highest requirements which we review on a regular basis. Furthermore we call for constant advanced training, so you can rest assured we'll always offer maximum security. All our tours can be booked with guides who speak your language. As of today we offer tours in English, French, Spanish, Slovenian and Croatian.

As we unfortunately can't influence the weather (we're currently working on it... ;)) sometimes we might have to cancel events due to bad weather conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience and will for sure find an alternative date. We're holding the view that we can always challenge ourselves, but never mother nature!

Environmental protection
Many so-called extreme sports are ill-reputed when it's about environmental protection. Unfortunately with good reason. Most of the time it's not the sport itself, but the way it's performed. We should always consider the fact that we can only do outdoor sports because nature is providing the space we need. Therefore we should treat nature with respect and follow some basic rules. All our guides are trained in environmental protection and will always take care of the fact that all our events are as environmentally sustainable as possible. This is very important to us! After all we still want to be able to enjoy our beautiful planet many years down the road.