Tom Kaules

tom Kaules Qualifications:
  • CIC approved canyoning guide
  • emergency medical technician (EMTI)
  • Instructor for ambulance / EMT (Maltese)
  • Instructor for survival training
  • Instructor for combat survival with German Armed Forces
  • Commando Guyane (jungle training course with the French Foreign Legion)
  • Instructor for sea rescue (German Lifeguard Association and German Red Cross approved)
  • German delegate to the Commission Internationale de Canyon
  • Course instructor endurance sports and fitness
  • Airboard Instructor
  • Airboard Speed ​​World Record in 2004
  • FIS Speed ​​World Championship (Airboard) Carinthia, Austria 2005
  • Airboard course record Goldeck / Carinthia; Austria 2006
Main functions:
  • CEO and founder of outdoor wear
  • canyoning / white water swimming
  • freelance travel and sports journalist
  • Airboarding events / PR