Airboard accident statistics winter 2014/ 2015

Hey Adrenalinjunkies,

during the past, we published our airboard accident stats just via e-mail. But this year, we thought that we can even publish them here on our website. Because we got often the question: "How dangerous is airboarding?"

Accidents with Airboard this season during our courses: 0

+/- difference to the last season: 0

(in words: ZERO!) Like teh last 4 years!

We´re very proud about these stats!

This has been made happen, because:

+ our guests, who implement the safety rules which has been tought by our airboard guides

+ our experienced Airboard-Guides:

- who worked with the highest safety standards.

- who supported our guests during the whole course and have been the whole time with them on the slopes.

+ of the high quality stadard of our Airboards: All Airboards are in top conditions. No rips, cuts, lost fins (yes, we´ve seen this by other tour operators!) or any other damages. All Airboards and safety gear are in top conditions!


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