MonaVie Germany Welcomes Extreme Sport Athlete Tom Kaules

 MonaVie has such a wide appeal throughout Germany that we are thrilled to announce Tom Kaules as the latest outstanding athlete to join our sports celebrity team.

A powerful extreme sport veteran, Tom has mastered the art of airboarding, speedflying, white water swimming and canyoning. In addition to setting the Airboard Speed world record in 2004, and the Airboard course record Goldeck/Kärnten in Austria in 2006, Tom’s impressive resume includes training in the jungle with the French Foreign Legion, serving as a German Lifeguard Association instructor for sea rescue and holding a position as German delegate to the Commission Internationale de Canyon.

“As an Extreme Sport Athlete I am always on the edge of what is possible. In many situations I have to make split second decisions. MonaVie helps me maintain my body and soul and is part of my daily training regimen. Having the honour to be associated with MonaVie allows me to enjoy the finer things
in life and that is priceless! Thank You MonaVie.”–Tom Kaules

We are proud to have such a highly accomplished athlete as a member of our athletic team as one who incorporates MonaVie into his daily health regimen and wish him every continued success.

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