European Xtreme Week 2006 – new track-record

 This year Thomas Kaules set a new track record at the speedskitrack in Goldeck / Carinthia (Austria) in th ecategory "Airboard". He set a new record at 136,14 km/h and is know the secondfastest man on an airboard in the world.

xweek 2006 01

Wolfgang Herdlicka reached at his first speed contest 109,33 km/h.

xweek 2006 02

A quick snack before the race starts.

xweek 2006 03

Even at level 3 (3/4) Wolfgang is still smiling. Is there a reason why he shouldn´t? Because it´s not really high .... or is it?

xweek 2006 04

After the race Wolfgang Herdlicka (Bild) and Thomas Kaules are really satisfied with their results.

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xweek 2006 05

xweek 2005 10

xtrem week 02

xtrem week 03

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