European xtreme week 2004 – new WORLD-record!

At European X-Games (13.-15. February) in Goldeck / Austria the corrent highspeed worldrecord of 124,5 km/h was hit.

The new Worldrecord - made by Thomas Kaules at 14. February, 02:20 p.m. - is: 126,42 Km/h!!

Trying to hit his own record Tom tumpled with 125 km/h. Fortunetely he was almost unhurt.

Congratulation to the new worldrecord keeper!

xtrem week 01

photo:Tom after the recod run in Goldeck / Austrai. The display is showing the worldrecord speed.

Slope datas:
high: 250m
decline: Level 1 - 3 at 84%, Level 3 - 4 at 89%
Brakezone: ca. 250m

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