Airboarding Explorer Day 2012 February, 26th – Update!

 What´s going on:
Full day airboard action!

For the opening of our brandnew airboard location you will get a guided introduction in the complete area, a short crash course for repeaters from 10:00 - ca 11.30. After the crash course we will get uphill with the aerial cableway on the top of the Hörnle and then we will show you a blast airboard downhill track.

if you have your own board and have made at least one airboardcourse with us.

EUR: 50,-:
having no own board, but made an airboardcourse with us at least once
with your own board but never made a course with us.

EUR 65,-:
You have not made a course, neither own an Airboard? We will make a basic course for you at this day, so you can also take part 🙂

If you don´t have your own airboard neither has made a course with us, we have some free slots at the next weekend (German Fasching / carneval).

please sign on at this event and leave a comment if you need a rental airboard. First come - first "surf" 🙂

Meeting Point:
"Tannenbankerl"-Lift at the Hörnlebahn (

10:00 AM

You can sign in very easy at the event on our Facebook fanpage.

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