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The CIC is the Commission internationale de Canyon and the association of professionell canyonguides. Here you can become a canyoning guide with the highest standards.

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high competence center for speology / caving.

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The official website of the German Survival "grandmaster" Rüdiger Nehberg.

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TARGET is a human rights organisation founded in 2000 by Rüdiger Nehberg. It is non-profit making and specifically works in situ with the populations directly concerned. Its main purpose is specific, in-situ action against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). TARGET manages a mobile field hospital for the Afar people in Ethiopia, has sponsored two Afar girls and has set up a sewing workers’ project in Mauritania for women circumcisers who now find themselves unemployed. Another project supports a hospital for the Waiapí Indians in the Brazilian rain forest.

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no comment ... just check out this site from time to time ...

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German Parachute Association
Fachverband der Fallschirmspringer

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One of the most informativ Las Vegas websites in German language.

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Waterbed shop with a high quality expert advice.

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Scopes, night visions and other optical equipment.

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Motocross sport online-shop
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Papa John’s Place is only interested in providing you with a stress free vacation with memories that will last forever. Located beautifully on the gentle sloping shores of Herridge Lake. Come and Escape With Us!


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